Erotic Romance – What Does it Mean?

The answer we regularly hear is that erotic romance is a tale of love where the door to the bedroom remains wide open. Readers often pick up a book claiming to be erotic romance only to find that it is indeed more erotica and not what they had in mind upon purchasing the novel. This could turn a reader off the genre or at least the author’s work for good.

To understand the meaning of erotic romance we first have to understand what it erotic romance is not.

• Erotic romance is not porn – where the purpose of the story is to sexually stimulate the reader to the point of orgasm without regard to plot, story, romance or character development.
• Erotic romance is not erotica where the purpose of the story is to depict the character’s sexual journey. Romance is not the main focus of the plot and a happy ever after ending is not a requirement neither is it guaranteed.
• Erotic romance is not the same as a sexy/spicy romance. In sexy/spicy romances the main focus is on the developing romance between the characters and the sex does not play an intricate part in that development. The sexual relationship develops as a result of the growing romance between the characters.

So what is erotic romance?


Best-selling author Sylvia Day gives a detailed explanation on her website of the difference between porn, sexy romance, erotic romance and erotica. According to Sylvia erotic romance is:

stories written about the development of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. The sex is an inherent part of the story, character growth, and relationship development, and couldn’t be removed without damaging the storyline. Happily Ever After is a REQUIREMENT to be an erotic romance.”




According to Wikipedia erotic romance is:

“Erotic romance novels are stories written about the development of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. The sex is an inherent part of the story, character growth, and relationship development, and couldn’t be removed without damaging the storyline.”

From these definitions the main ingredients of an erotic romance is:-
• The development of a romantic interest between characters
• Because the sexual relationship between them
• Develops their character
• And leads to emotional growth
In short, without the sexual relationship there is no romantic development.

The best way to understand the differences is to read the different genres. Luckily there are millions of free books available online and one doesn’t have to search very far to find an example of each type. Just go to Amazon, or any online retailer of e-books and you’ll find plenty to read.

People have diverse tastes in novels and that is one of the reasons I firmly believe that any genre has a place in society and that no genre is superior. Romance novels may constitute the lion’s share of the book and ebook market in respect of sales, but that does not mean that science fiction, mysteries, thrillers, horrors and literary fiction are any less important. To the right reader even the most obscure and ignored story could have a life-altering effect.

It’s Release Day for Her Bareback Cowboys

When you throw together two self-assured cowboys and one sex-starved photographer, things are bound to heat up. Her Bareback Cowboys releases today from Totally Bound Publishers and I thought I’d share a little about the book.


From the Back Cover:

When the Groundhog Saddle Company awards twenty-six-year-old freelance photographer and divorcee, Adrian Barlow the coveted assignment of advertising their saddles and other leather products, she jumps at the opportunity. Her bank account is in dire need of replenishing and her reputation as a photographer hangs by a shred over a bottomless abyss. Even when her employer informs her that her duties include playing babysitter for the two cowboys they hired for the job, she doesn’t complain. She needs the money too much to be fussy.

Texan rodeo stars Wade Randall and Maverick Green agree to play fashion model for a couple of months because Wade needs the money to buy his own ranch in Texas and Maverick must rest his injured shoulder. However, nothing prepared them for the sight of Adrian when she collects them at the OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa.

The attraction between the three is instantaneous and the sexual tension so thick it clogs up the interior of Adrian’s four-wheel-drive Toyota Land Cruiser, but none of them are in the market for a serious relationship. Adrian’s past sexual mistakes caused her financial misery and she has no desire for a repeat performance while the men’s plans for life exclude permanent partners for a long time to come.

Isolated on a working farm in the Highveld of the Mpumalanga Province, Adrian is unable to resist the sexual pleasures the two cowboys promise. With the firm understanding that none of them wants a serious relationship, they embark on a journey of sexual discovery that melts the cold winter days.

However, when old acquaintances from Adrian’s past arrive, she learns that over-indulgence always comes at a price…

Reader advisory: This books contains scenes of anal play, anal sex and double penetration.




Exclusive Excerpt – 18+ only

Bathed and dressed in casual slacks and a bright pink sweater, Adrian joined the men in the lounge. With no lights on, the fire illuminated the room, casting eerie shadows against the walls. Before she could pour herself another drink, Marie announced that dinner was ready and they moved to the dining room. The table was set with three plates next to one another. Wade pulled out the chair in the middle and Adrian sat, trying to ignore the zing of his touch on her shoulder.

Although conversation flowed naturally, by the time they finished dinner, both men were struggling to hide the fatigue plaguing their bodies. She pushed her empty plate forward. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for bed.”

Seeing the twinkle in Maverick’s eyes, Adrian stood and held up her hand. “Not tonight. I need my beauty sleep.”

“Darn, and I thought we could cuddle.” Maverick closed in on her and she sidestepped him.

She chuckled. “I doubt you have a cuddle on your mind, and I’m tired.”

Maverick exaggerated a pout. Adrian fisted her hand in Wade’s shirt and pecked him on the cheek.

“Sleep tight, cowboy. Tomorrow’s going to be another long day.”

He hugged her, but his arms didn’t linger. Maverick stood with his hands stuck on his hips and his head cocked to the side. Mischief danced in his blue eyes as Adrian stepped closer to him. When she stood on tiptoes to kiss him on his cheek, he turned his head and their lips met.

Gathering her in his arms, he buried his fingers in her hair, holding her head in place. She snaked her arms over his shoulders and he deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth like a treasure hunter on the trail of innumerable riches.

Adrian clung to him as the strength seeped out of her limbs and she trembled with weakness. He dropped his hands to her buttocks and lifted her to him. She hooked her legs over his hips without breaking the kiss.

Maverick strode to the wall, pressed her back to it and captured her hands in one of his big ones. He tilted her head to the side and slid his lips to her chin, exploring the sensitive flesh below her ear.

She gasped for breath as he captured her earlobe in his mouth and suckled. Her limbs liquefied and heat pooled in her pussy. How could she fault the men for the bit of heaven their arms promised her?

“I want to taste every inch of your skin,” Maverick whispered close to her ear.

Gooseflesh erupted on her arms as the effect of his words flashed through her. She tightened her legs and edged her pussy closer to the hard ridge forming in his trousers. He hissed as she pulled him closer, further fueling the fire dancing between them.

“Hell, you’d better apply the brakes right now. Marie’s still in the kitchen.” Wade leaned against the wall next to Adrian. “And I’m not sure I’ll be worth two cents if we don’t get to bed soon.”

Damn, she’d forgotten about Marie—again. All she could think about was finding a bed where she could ride the cowboys to her heart’s content. Adrian tugged her hands from Maverick’s grip. She clung to his shoulders as she captured his mouth for a last searing kiss before she struggled out of his grasp, lowering her legs to the floor.

“Wade’s right. Besides, our first priority must be the photos. It wouldn’t do if the lens depicted two tired and worn out cowboys.” She palmed Wade’s face. “Goodnight, boys.”

Maverick’s chuckle followed her along the passage and when she closed the door behind her, their footsteps thudded to their rooms. Adrian waited for her heartbeat to slow. Playing with fire had never felt so good.

Also available from Amazon, All Romance E-books and other major online retailers.

Author Interview: Meet Vicki Ballante

Today we welcome erotic romance author, Vicki Ballante to our blog to share some of her life with us.

Vicki writes erotic and fantasy romance. She loves taking her characters into an alternate world where strange and sexy things happen. She lives with her patient husband and three noisy kids in South Africa. In between being a busy stay-at-home Mom who hates housework and spends half her life cooking everything from scratch, she runs several blogs, writes under another name, and buries herself in the delightful world of her characters. When growing up, her school friends asked her if she wanted to be a nun. She always said “no.”

Tell us a little about yourself. (What country you are from, where you grew up, married, etc.)

I live in South Africa and grew up in Durban before I branched out into the big wide world although Durban often calls my name. I’m married with three kids – two teenagers and an eleven year old.

What made you decide to write erotic romances?

My husband’s constant nagging! No, he did prod me to try, and I put aside all my inhibitions and took the plunge.

What in your opinion makes writing erotic romances different from writing other romance novels?

To be honest, it’s a lot harder! I write sweet romance too. There you have enough to consider, but bring in writing believable, hot, and varied sex scenes which all move the story forward – well you have a lot more to add to the mix. But besides that, it’s great fun.

What do you enjoy most about writing erotic romance?

It’s always about the romance – what holds the couple apart and what brings them together, but I think what I enjoy about erotic romances is often the sex brings them together and over-rides all their barriers.

What attributes does your typical hero have?

I’ve never been into writing the super alpha male. I like a guy with some kindness and tenderness mixed in with his manliness. And typically, an ordinary everyday guy!

Are you currently working on another erotic romance title?

Um…I’m in the middle of edits for three of my other books and brainstorming a new book, so no, not at the moment. But I have several brewing in my head (although they’re predominantly fantasy novels)

What books do you have published and where can readers find them?

This is my first erotic romance. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on the 5 September 2014. Here’s the link


Four years after her divorce, Merryn decides she’s ready to find someone. Joining an online singles site, she connects with the perfect guy. Funny, sexy, sensitive. When he suggests they meet, excitement compels her to say yes. 

Kirk pines for his ex-wife, but realizes he must move forward. After several stimulating online chats, he believes she might be the one for him. Smart, sexy, willing to experiment and learn. But when he happens across his ex, all his plans fly out the window. 

Will Merryn learn to relax and have fun without giving her heart? Can Kirk forget the past and become the man he longs to be? 



If given an unlimited budget, what would you love to shop for?

Um…new kitchen cupboards and appliances like a food processor and ice-cream maker.

Thank you for sharing a little about yourself with us today. Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Vicki’s new release At Second Glance.


Review: At Second Glance by Vicki Ballante

I had the honor of reviewing a debut novel by Vicki Ballante. This is a sweet, erotic romance (seems like a contradiction, but you have to read the story to understand) that touches the heart and well…other places. This releases on Friday the 5th of September 2014 and I urge you to grab a copy for yourself.

Here is the review I wrote for Goodreads. Maybe I could get Vicki to join us on the blog sometime in the near future.

At Second GlanceAt Second Glance by Vicki Ballante

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given this book in return for an honest review and was pleasantly surprised by this debut erotic romance by author Vicky Ballante.

After a divorce, the inevitable post-mortem questions, doubts, anger and guilt usually follow. When enough time has passed, the parties usually decide to ‘get back on the horse’ and face their fears of repeating the mistakes which had lead to the disintegration of the marriage in the first place. This happens in most cases of divorce and it is something many people can relate to and the author made great use of exploiting these fears and insecurities.

Initially hiding behind the anonymity of a chatroom, the parties get to know each other a little better—after all it is easy to be honest when you don’t think you’ll ever meet the other party. When they finally meet, they come face to face with all the reasons why the marriage fell apart in the first place. Although the over-analyzing of these fears can sometimes seem repetitive, I found it realistic and believable in the context of the story.

The love scenes were super-hot because the characters remained honest in their self-doubts and needs. I found it refreshing that the emotions motivating the scenes were portrayed with such tenderness and understanding.

The story deserves the five starts I gave it, despite a couple of editing mistakes that couldn’t distract from a beautiful story.

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Brent’s Law by Ylette Pearson Releases on 4 April 2014

Have you ever wondered how an older woman ends up with a much younger man? What set of circumstances and personality traits lends itself to the building of a relationship between two such people?

First of all, it takes a particularly strong man to entice an independent woman into a relationship that is against the accepted norms of society. International rugby player, Brent Russell knew he was such a man. Confident, self-assertive and according to the females clamouring for his attention, not too bad in the looks department. So he shouldn’t have a problem getting what he wanted, right?

Divorce attorney Samantha Owen almost proves him wrong. She shuns his advances and makes him wonder if maybe he had it wrong all along. The more he tries to override her protests, the more determined she becomes to resist the attraction lighting up the air around them. 

So Brent decides it is time to take some serious action to get the woman plaguing his dreams to succumb to his will … 

Brent’s Law releases on the 4th of April 2014, but you can grab an early download from the Totally Bound website.

When the Going Gets Tough …

Image courtesy of Dundee Photographics/

As most of you know by now, November is NaNoWriMo-month. Not a big deal to anyone except the authors who bargained on finishing that one more novel they needed before the end of the year. Hmm … I’m one of them—except I wanted to finish TWO 30 000 novella’s in November.

Yeah, right.

I might have been a tad ambitious when I made that decision seeing that I haven’t done any planning for the books and at the moment have only a vague (very vague) idea what I want to write about. And to top it all, it’s already the 6th of November and I haven’t written one single word.

But what the hell, when the going gets tough, the tough go … blogging!

With hardly any reads on the blog, only a few people will know that I’d spent my writing time planting vegetables (we live in South Africa so it’s high summer here), reading some of my favorite Harlequin author’s books (Joss Wood) and tried not to expire from the heatwave blanketing the country. Now, I’m faced with a word-count that is staggering in order to finish (2500 words a day, if I don’t miss any days), no outline for even one of the novels and panic that’s grabbing me by the throat.

What the hell am I going to write about?

Easy? Did you say EASY? Just because I write erotic romances and erotica it doesn’t make writing them any easier. (Ahem, there’s just so many ways you can describe humping a guy’s brains out, you know?) Nope, there has to be a story about how the two (or three) actually got the point of engaging in some funky business.

And therein lies my problem at the moment.

Totally Bound has a call for submissions for 15-20 000 words novellas featuring handsome pirates and feisty ladies due on 1 January 2014. Maybe I should consider writing one or two of those. But then again, I know nothing, nada, zip, about what pirates should or could do. I don’t think watching Pirates of the Caribbean only once, qualifies me as an expert on the subject—especially as the story took a backseat to me gawking at Johnny Depp.

Maybe I could try my hand at writing an erotic horror? Hmm, don’t know how I could keep it sexy and fun if all the heroine or hero wanted to do was hide under the bed. Would you want to drop your panties when the hounds of hell were snapping at your heels? I thought not. Sigh, no that’s not going to work either.

What about an older woman with a younger man? Who wouldn’t want to read about a woman finding love with a younger man despite the odds being stacked against them? This one I could do. But wait, I’ve already done that and Brent’s Law is being published in March by Totally Bound. Could I really do another one? Wouldn’t people think I have a secret fantasy if I wrote of them in a row? Nope, not going there.

That leaves me back at square one. Now I’m off to do some research and see what I can come up with. Hope all of you have a lovely, productive week.

What type of erotic romance/erotica would you like to read?  

Erotica Books Selling Like Hot Cakes

Lately I’ve noticed a trend towards series writing in erotica novels. The two books below are no exception to this rule. They are high on both the best sellers list and highest rated list.

More and more people are reading erotica, but they want something more than just plain sex in the book. A great romance story appears to be a pre-requisite for a book to be favoured by the general reading public. Well the two below appear to adhere to this rule. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Temptation by KM Golland


The teaser as it appears on

This book is for mature audiences 17+ It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Sometimes being happily married and completely content is not at all what it seems.
That is what 35 year old, happily married mother of two, Alexis Summers finds out, when decides it is time to return to work. After being a stay-at-home Mum for the past nine years, Alexis now realises a complete career change is just what she needs.

She becomes a Concierge Attendant in a prestigious hotel in Melbourne working for the owner of the hotel, Bryce Clark. He resides in the penthouse, is extremely hot, and is a man who always gets what he wants, and what he wants is Alexis. She does a relatively good job resisting Bryce at first, but the undeniable chemistry, sexual tension and playfulness between the two of them is intense. He has copious amounts of money, sex appeal and above all, is a genuinely nice guy. Bryce has been waiting for his one true love to come along, and he is positive that one true love, is Alexis.

There is one problem, she is happily married to Rick, and no matter how strong her feelings are for Bryce, she is adamant she will not cheat. She draws a line in the sand, but finds it increasingly hard not to cross. Will she succumb to Temptation?

Satisfaction by KM Golland


The teaser as it appears on

Life hands out challenges that we all unwillingly accept. We have no choice in the acceptance really because that it is essentially what life is; a series of unavoidable challenges thrown our way for us to overcome.

Alexis Summers is no stranger to facing challenges as she has had her fair share of them since meeting and subsequently falling in love with Bryce. He was her new employer who had dominantly pursued her while she was happily married. But it wasn’t until her husband Rick, had confessed to previously having an affair, that Alexis finally allowed herself to give in to the temptation that was Bryce Edward Clark.

In Satisfaction—Alexis and Bryce spend the most amazing week together, and discover the connection and love they share with one another, goes far deeper than anything they have ever experienced. What Alexis doesn’t know, is the truth behind her husband’s confession, and the underhanded deal Bryce made with him behind her back. Alexis’ world will come crashing down around when she discovers their secret, and she will once again find herself faced with having to overcome more of life’s challenges.

Accounting for Lust Available from Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes and Noble

For the past couple of months, the erotic romance Accounting for Lust was available only from the Amazon sites globally. Now, however, I’m pleased to say it is also available on Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. With widening choices in the format of download I hope that more people will be able to access the book.
You could also earn 15% of the list price at should you wish to promote the book.

Here’s a little snippet of what you can expect:

Outside, dusk had fallen and very little daylight was left.
“You’re ready to go?”
Cassie nodded. “Let me just collect my things.”
She closed the computer and grabbed the drives. She’d already stuck her hand into her bra when her eyes caught Jake’s. His pupils dilated and the fire in them scorched her to her toes. Involuntarily her eyes dropped to his pants. Yep, she excited him.
Her body reacted to the signals in his and she scoffed herself. How could she think of sex at a time like this? After seeing those horrid photos of her father? After realizing she might have a killer on the board. And that she might be his next victim. It wasn’t normal. Was it? What was wrong with her?
Jake cleared his throat and took a step towards her. The air grew thick between them. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides and the muscle in his jaw worked overtime. “We don’t have time for this.”
It sounded if he needed convincing more than she did. Hell, she didn’t want to leave. She wanted him hot and naked and out of control. Images of her sprawling on the desk with his hands and mouth all over her, tightened her nipples in anticipation. Wetness flooded her pussy.
“We should get going.” His voice was hoarse with want and it fuelled the fire in her veins.
With her eyes capturing his, holding the gaze, she lifted her buttocks onto the edge of the desk, lifting her feet slightly off the floor. She ignored the slight tremor in her hands as she started to undo the knot of the t-shirt at her nape. Desire rocked through her as his eyes darkened some more. He ran his tongue over his lips and Cassie stifled a groan. No man had the right to be so gorgeous. So deliciously male.  
Before she could slip the bands of the top from her shoulders, he closed the distance between them. Cupping her face in his hands, he captured her lips in a kiss that seared her to her toes. She dragged him closer. He tugged at the bands of the t-shirt while his mouth trailed a path of fire from her neck to the top of her breasts.
Cassie wanted him closer, much closer. Jake quickly dispersed of her top and bra and lifted one breast to his lips. She hung onto his shoulders where the hard muscles rippled. Sucking on her already engorged nipple, he lowered her to the desk. His weight pinned her to the cold smooth surface before he slowly unbuttoned her jeans and took them off. Cold air brushed over her naked thighs, heightening the pleasure of his hands drifting over her legs.
They didn’t have time for this. She wanted him now. Inside her. Filling her. Cassie reached for the top of his jeans.
“Greedy are we?” His soft chuckle filled the room, caressing her senses. He ripped off the shirt, dropped the holster next to her on the table and shrugged out of his jeans. His erection sprang free and Cassie writhed on the desk. Her pussy already flooded with hot moisture, waiting for him. Ready for him.
He tugged her hips towards him, pulling her ass to the edge of the desk. He spread her legs wide, opening her up to his gaze, to his touch. His thumb found her clit and she rocked against his hand as he stroked and pinched. Parting the swollen lips, he laved them with his tongue, drinking from the moist opening. He replaced his thumb with his tongue and slipped a finger inside her pussy.
She writhed against his hand. Begging for more. Jake obliged by stretching her further with two fingers and then three. Turning and wriggling them until she could stand it no more.
“No. I want you inside. I need . . .”
Jake didn’t wait for her to finish before she heard the tear of foil and he shoved his cock inside her. His balls caressed her ass. He filled her, stretched her to capacity and then some more. Slowly he started to move, the muscles in his neck straining. She met him stroke for stroke until the pressure became too intense to be satisfied with his slow rhythm. Wriggling her hips, he inhaled sharply. And pounded into her.
“Let go, babe. Come with me.”
His words acted like kerosene to an open flame. She dug her nails into his thighs, dragging him even closer. In the corner of her eye, her tits bounced in time with his rhythmic thrusts. Her back thudded against the wood and sweat beaded on his forehead. Relentlessly he drove his shaft into her pussy, moisture coating the friction, increasing the need. The want.
“God, you’re beautiful,” he growled as the muscles in his shoulders strained and he drove in deeper. Filling her to the brim before he collapsed on top of her and buried his face between her breasts.
Cassie ran her hands over his back, now slick with sweat. Popping up on his elbow, Jake stared into her eyes. Something shone there. Something different. She moved uncomfortably beneath him and he stood, gathering their clothes from the piles on the floor.
Suddenly shy, Cassie hastily pulled on her clothes and turned around as she shoved the flash drives into her bra again. They rode the elevator in silence, but raw lust crackled in the air. The bra chaffed against the sensitive peaks of her nipples and her pussy throbbed.
Damn it girl. Aren’t you satisfied yet? How can she still want more when she had just had the most satisfying sex? What more could she want? She had a man who, if wrapped in a red bow, would serve as any woman’s Christmas dream, ravishing her whenever she had the itch. The investigation progressed to the point where there were only eight suspects left and a friend who looked out for her safety by hiring a team of bodyguards. So why did she still feel so needy?

Let me know what you think of the book – either by leaving a review on Amazon or on Goodreads or if all fails on the Facebook Page.
Happy reading

Accounting for Lust–FREE on Amazon



Accounting for Lust is free on all Amazon sites from 5 November to 8 November 2012. 

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:

The moment she saw him at the club, accountant Cassandra Adams knew she’d found her candidate for an anonymous one-night-stand. Pirate-like handsome, he signalled danger in capital letters – just what she needed before assuming her role as CEO of her father’s South African weapons manufacturing company.

Steaming hot sex was the last thing on Jake Pierce’s mind when he agreed to protect the new boss of Adams Armory Incorporated after someone tried to kill her. However, when Cassandra Adams walked into the office, Jake found himself battling memories of tangled sheets and sweaty bodies.

While Cassie and Jake surrendered to the passion between them and tried to keep their hearts out of the equation, someone watched from the shadows. Biding his time. Craving revenge.

Happy reading.

Accounting for Lust by Ylette Pearson


I’m proud to announce that the novel “Accounting for Lust” is now available from and


Here’s the blurb for the novel.

The moment she saw him at the club, accountant Cassandra Adams knew she’d found her candidate for an anonymous one-night-stand. Pirate-like handsome, he signalled danger in capital letters – just what she needed before assuming her role as CEO of her father’s South African weapons manufacturing company.

Steaming hot sex was the last thing on Jake Pierce’s mind when he agreed to protect the new boss of Adams Armoury Incorporated after someone tried to kill her. However, when Cassandra Adams walked into the office, Jake found himself battling memories of tangled sheets and sweaty bodies.

While Cassie and Jake surrendered to the passion between them and tried to keep their hearts out of the equation, someone watched from the shadows. Biding his time. Craving revenge.

Feel free to have a look and tell me what you think.